Homepage of the clan "The Urban Brothers"
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Project: Enid

Enid is an open source script for server initialisation which isn´t quite finished jet. Every helping hand is welcome.

Project: Filthy Peasants

"Filthy Peasants" is a PC game development project by Lazy Proggers. It is still under development so you can watch it grow.

Urban Communications

Our Teamspeak and Discord Servers are open for everyone.

Urban Ressources

Here is some good stuff: Public Steam Group, Telegram Sticker Pack and Steam Workshop.

Why "Urban Brothers"?

The "Urban Brothers"-Clan was founded during a desperate match of CS:GO back in april 2016. All of us tried very hard not lose (back then as "EiuF"), when the game was nearly lost and PingMaster and St0.ormageddon decided to go for an eco-round. They both bought TEC-9s and called themselves the "Urban Brothers" because they both had the Urban DDPAT skins for the weapon and feeled as brothers this round. Since we searched for a name anyways we took this one and won the game.

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